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Lauren Johnson

During 2020, many events have happened, some bad and some good.

2020: The Aftermath

When 2019 was coming to an end, nobody would have thought 2020 was going to be the year that everyone would be horrified by. 2020 consisted of multiple horrifying events including a global pandemic, a deadly disease, fires and many deaths. 

As we all exited 2019, we had resolutions and thoughts on what we might have thought the brand new year would look like. Many students and their families had trips and vacations planned for 2020.

“I thought 2020 was going to be a great year,” Hayley Moreland (’23) said. “I was gonna finish my freshman year and start sophomore year. For spring break I was going to go on a road trip with my best friend to visit family. I was so excited for 2020.”

When the first Covid-19 cases came out, lots of families had to cancel their trips.

As a new decade started, everyone was excited for what was to come. Whether it was meeting new people, taking part in activities or new events. 

“I was expecting it to be like any other year, making new friends, learning new things, making fun memories,” Isabelle Kallbrier (’24) said. “Those things did happen, but I wasn’t expecting to have to quarantine for six months, and I was most certainly not expecting a global pandemic to happen.” 

For the beginning of 2020, it was a normal year at first until everyone heard about the infamous Covid-19 cases in March. 

Even before 2020, in 2019 a major event that struck out was the Australia fires. It started around the beginning of September and ended in January. As 2020 was around the corner, nobody knew about Covid-19 until the first case arrived on December 31.

“My expectations for 2020 were the same just like every other year,” Carynn Neumann (’22) said. “But I didn’t expect all the twists and turns. At first it was WW3, then it was Australia on fire, then a pandemic! Maybe earth is giving us a sign that it’s trying to lower the population?” 

All the events that have happened could be telling us a sign.

During March of 2020 was when our school got the call that we would be continuing school virtually. Many students liked the idea, but the aftermath of it would be terrible. 

“I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety,” an anonymous freshmen said. “I developed an eating disorder. My best friend of nine years moved away. My grandma got Covid. I was quarantined for a large part of my summer. But, I took my friend to Florida and had a great time.”

While in quarantine, people did many things, some that had bad effects and some that were great effects.

In 2020, many memorable, yet terrible things, happened, including celebrity deaths, a global pandemic and canceled events. For someone who has a family death in 2020, it can cause more stress on them already from 2020.

“I lost my brother of age 16 to an accident that likely or at least partially of his own doing,” Travis Wimberley (‘22) said. “My entire world has had major changes such as virtual learning and home life.” 

Having a family death is heartbreaking, especially in 2020 where you have to remain socially distant.

During June of 2020, one event that sparked the world was about George Floyd. It sparked a moment where everyone had to stop and look. This doing so caused a bigger movement for BLM.

“Something that I will never forget in 2020 out of the many awful things that happened was finding out about George Floyd,” Brooklyn Johnston (’24) said. “I have always been someone who speaks out for how they feel and that one was just so painful. I knew things were not right in our world, but that was like a red light going off in my mind. I had hot tears streaming down my face for weeks after. Our world needs so much improvement. There’s so much good, but too much bad.” 

For someone who speaks out for how they feel, the impact that George Floyd had on many people must have stuck out sharply to them.

2020 has affected everyone whether it was something minor or major that happened. Still being in 2020, some students may have some words for 2020. 

“If 2020 were a person, here’s what I would say.” Vanessa Jennerjohn (’24) said. “Thank you. It may sound odd, but thank you. Yes, you stabbed us in the back even as we cried your name with joy, but I’m not mad. Thank you for showing me how strong someone can be. How even though the world is fighting against me, I can fight back just as hard. How I can get through almost anything life decides to throw at me. Thank you for making the worst year of my short life an enlightening one.” 

For 2020 being the year nobody will forget, it was horrible, yet memorable. 

Remembering what 2020 is, many students had the same answer by wondering why. 2020 did many things to many different people all around the world.  

“If 2020 were a person I would ask them why this happened,” Johnston said. “I wouldn’t get mad, or upset, or become frustrated. I would just want to know what we all did that was so horrible.” 

From previous years there were never multiple horrible events in one year, until now.

2020 had many bad things installed into it, yet it is the virus that will not cure itself. For 2020 being such a horrendous year, chances are there are some people that will not want to even bother talking to 2020.

“I think the truth to this statement is I wouldn’t,” Wimberley said.  “I wouldn’t talk to the incarnation of a year that has had good and bad and a lot of grey. Especially as they or this year refuses to relent. You have to pick your battles and 2020 has been a very good example of that for me.” 

In this year, 2020 has had some adequate memories and a lot of inadequate memories.

As 2020 is coming to an end, we leave 2020 with new knowledge and mixed feelings. 2020 is the year nobody will forget, due to it having so many bad events, we will remember them forever.



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