A Change YOU Can Make

This healthy meal, consisting of an apple and a salad, is this considered healthy?

Lauren Johnson

This healthy meal, consisting of an apple and a salad, is this considered healthy?

Lauren Johnson, Writer

There are different ways to describe a “healthy lifestyle” whether you workout, eat healthy foods, do sports, or have other healthy habits. When you eat, you might not really care what the effects are; you just want food. However, have you ever considered how food might affect you?

Foods are something we enjoy to eat. However, different foods have different impacts on your body and mood. To keep in check of a healthy lifestyle, you need to look at the information on the nutrient facts. Sophomores were targeted at this school to participate in a healthy lifestyle survey. Approximately half the sophomores look at the nutrient label.

According to sophomore Aspen Deslongchamps, there are foods that might affect your mood at school. If she eats certain foods before karate, she will feel sick. “Well, if I eat certain things in the morning or before karate, I feel very sick and I want to throw up,” Deslongchamps (‘22) said. Certain foods will make you this way even if you do avoid them. 

Sophomore Ashleigh Blevins explains that whatever she eats will either benefit her or not. “I know that if I am eating a healthy breakfast then I am more awake and focused during the day, versus when I was to grab a pop-tart or something that is not healthy for me to eat,” Blevins (‘22) said. Some foods that you eat before going to school will decide whether you will remain focused or not.

If you eat sweets right in the moment, you might feel good, but it will later affect you. Gianna Seckel says that eating fruits and vegetables has the opposite effect. “After I eat things like fruits or vegetables, I don’t get that feeling because I know I’m doing good to my body. Sometimes though, I feel a little guilty, but I shrug it off because I can maintain a healthy body with the right foods and the right amount of exercise,” Seckel (‘22) said. Eating fruits, vegetables and doing exercises are good examples of a healthy lifestyle.

Eating different healthy things and doing exercise is a healthy lifestyle. When you eat foods you might not normally look at the nutrition label. The next time you eat something, take a look at the nutrition facts, you might notice a surprise with something you normally eat.