Is Virtual Happening Soon?


Lauren Johnson

With homework involved, switching from virtual to in schooling can be hard.

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor

As we return to school, many teachers and students are making predictions when we will go back to full virtual. With how students are huddling around each other, in the cafeteria, and in the hallways, there could be a chance of increase for coronavirus to spread.

Many students and teachers have said their predictions on when they think we will go back to full virtual.

“Maybe two to four weeks, (depends on the number of COVID cases in the area),” Erica Malabey (‘22) said. This is what most people are thinking the amount of weeks will be.

“Three weeks because people aren’t taking covid seriously. If one person in the school gets it, it’s going to spread like wildfire,” Emma Golz (‘22) said. This is true because all classes will shut down if someone gets it.

“I think that it’ll be at least next year when we go back because people are definitely still going to have COVID,” Chloe Hampshire (‘22) said. Some virtual students think we will go back to full in-schooling in a year.

 With how schooling is happening right now, before we chose our classes we were allowed to pick to be virtual or to go back to school. Many students chose to go back to school to see their friends, teachers, and reconnect with everyone. However, there are different views on whether virtual or going back to school is safer.

“I prefer virtual school because it’s easier to work in your own environment,” Hampshire said. Working in your own environment is sometimes better than working in person.

“I would rather be all in person because it’s easier to navigate. But if we had to do virtual, I’d try to stay on top of everything,” Malabey said. Most people try to stay on top of their work throughout the virtual days.

“Virtual 100%. It is MUCH safer in my opinion. I’d rather not take a huge risk to get my family, friends, or myself sick,” Golz said. Keeping friends and family safe for that reason.

With how the news is right now, there could be things upcoming in the news which could make this all die down.

 “I feel like there will be something in the news that causes mass hysteria over the pandemic like before or it could all die out,” Malabey said.

Whether you chose virtual or going back to school, it is important for us all to stay safe so we can all remain to what we wanna do. Such as taking precautions, washing our hands, having masks on at all times, keeping space and so much more.