Lauren Johnson

A student looks at their geometry homework with questions.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

There are many different ways in which people view geometry inside the school. Not many jobs require geometry unless you are fully committed to being a geometry teacher. Some students want geometry to be optional because they might not pursue something in that path. However, the geometry requirement could be viewed differently by someone who enjoys it and someone who does not.  

Geometry is (sometimes) just too hard for some, even if they are extremely good at math. However, there are very few people who want to do related things in geometry. 

“Yes, even though I like it I don’t see a point in taking it if we don’t use it in everyday life, if you are pursuing a career that involves geometry then sure take it but if not why worry about it taking an extra spot in your already busy schedule,” Kineslee Keatts(‘22) said.

Even if you do not like geometry, you should still determine if you want a job related to it in the future.

“It depends on what type of job you will have. With saying that, all classes should then be optional. If students have that power to choose if they take those classes in school, it will probably become pretty empty,” Gianna Seckel (‘22) said.

Out of 56 responses, 27 said they do not like geometry while 29 said they did. Sometimes the level of geometry you take determines if you actually dislike geometry. 

“Geometry was the worst math class I’ve ever taken. It’s not the hardest, but I just don’t understand how it pertains to real life. Being able to find the length of the missing side of a triangle using the Pythagorean theorem does not determine how well off I’ll be in the near future. So yes, I do believe geometry should be optional. Either you love it or you hate it, and I’ve never met anyone who loves geometry,” Kennedie Rutledge (‘20) said.

While some people may be taking formal geometry and some are taking advanced geometry, both levels might view geometry differently.

“While I am decidedly NOT a fan of geometry, it really is a core class that should be taught to everyone who makes it that far in math. Math isn’t always necessarily about the real-life application; sometimes it’s just about proving that you can remember rules and problem solve, and that is geometry’s main purpose,” Isabella Weiler (‘22) said.

Geometry has a lot to offer, considering it is a one year class and is required. There are many units involved in geometry, but what if those units were split into in-depth classes? 

“I think geometry should be broken up into, like, civil engineering uses geometry and then trig geometry that you use for calc. Depending on what path you’re taking, it would be more beneficial to be really good at one topic than just brush over multiple topics,” Amelia Truong (‘21) said.

Some students have a knack for geometry while others do not. 

“No. A major requirement in the real world is understanding basics in trigonometry. In home maintenance, you must be able to calculate the final length of a triangle using Pythagorean theorem. Without Geometry in high school, every college grad would have to pay thousands for a class Freshmen and Sophomores can take for free,” Travis Wimberley (‘22) said.

Even if you do or do not like geometry, it shows you math more in-depth. However, not everyone believes that geometry should be mandatory.