The True Meaning Of Equality


Josh Berg

Our diverse cafeteria encourages students to mix it up and mingle with everyone.

Lauren Johnson, Contributor

     Equality. A simple word with a big impact. Equality is the status or quality in being the
same or similar. Equality can be based on gender, social issues, technology or basically anything. Although students
here sometimes lack that relationship amongst each other, many are open-minded.
     Most of the time, students at our school are sometimes equal to each other. However, sometimes people might say things that could be jokes, but are they really jokes? What should the principals do? “There is still bullying, when  people make fun of people being gay and then people being racist. Our school is full of many kinds of people and when we need the principals to help,” said Crystal Lyon (22’).
     Sometimes students treat certain brand products a certain way by organizing them into categories. Airpods are  example. If you do not have them, some people treat you as if you are below everyone else. Why does this happen? It is called superiority.
     It does not matter what grade level you are. There will always be that one person who thinks they are better than everyone else. “I don’t think people at Holt are treated equal. Some people who are considered more attractive and popular might get more recognition and more opportunities than someone who is maybe less attractive and not as popular,” said Aidan Loaiza (21’).
     Many of the students here at Holt do not think that students are equal here. What could we do to fix this? According to freshmen Ashleigh Blevins, it is a hopeless problem. “I think that there will be no way for everybody to be equal here or anywhere because in our generation we look down on people who are different than us. We might try to get everyone to treat each other equally, but there will always be that one person that is stuck in there ways,” Blevins said.
     What goes on between student and student? “Personally, I do not feel that students treat others equally. I hear racial slurs in the hallways, many kids don’t respect others who have disabilities (whether it be mental or physical), many students say homophobic things in the hallways and in classrooms,” said Ruth Fugate (20’).
     There is no such way in getting students to treat each other properly. Even with school uniforms, people will still be discriminated. If teachers, staff and students see this behavior going on why has nobody spoke up?
     Getting everyone at Holt equal would basically be saying there would be no different treatment. “If everyone in the school was the same gender, race and age then no one would require any different treatment. This
would seem more equal,” said Dylan Soberg (20’). Of course, this is not possible. Human beings will always have their differences.
     Even with equality in Holt, it is best to speak up about it. Equality can be better in our school. It is just a matter of the people speaking out and the time to make a change.