The Game That Saved 2020


Lauren Johnson

With the new uprising game ‘Among Us’, it can be played on PC and mobile.

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor

During quarantine, many games have been getting very popular from streamers, such as ‘Fall Guys’, ‘Valorant’, and ‘Among Us’. With streamers playing these games, they have been getting over 10K live viewers. The newest uprising game is ‘Among Us’ the game consists of one to three impostors and two to nine crewmates. In order to win, the crewmates must complete their tasks and vote off the impostor, while the impostors try to sabotage and get rid of the crewmates. 

Out of 44 responses, half of the students have played ‘Among Us’ before. Many students have different views on how they found the game. Whether they found it on YouTube, Twitch, or from a friend. 

The game was published on November 16, 2018, under the publisher: Innersloth. The game was unknown on the Steam page, but is now a fast uprising game. When hearing about the game ‘Among Us’ different students have their views on what they thought the game meant. 

“I thought it was the same thing as ‘Fall Guys’ even though I never played both before (same style characters),” Lilly Swafford (‘21) said.

The character styles are a little similar but the games are very different.

“I thought of the game considering I knew of the title before it’s rise in popularity two years after it’s release,” Kaiden Henderson (‘23) said.

The game was not very popular starting out. However, now most students are playing it, whether at home or during lunch.

The game has been published for almost two years now. There are different ideas on how the game got more popular, one student has their view on it.

“The developers who made the game are also people who made the brand ‘New Henry Stickmin Collection’ which has the characters of ‘Among Us’ as easter eggs because of that people came more aware of the game and then streamers and YouTubers started playing the game which gave it more attention and now it’s really big now,” Frank Kamish (‘23) said.

To think that a game got popular for being camouflaged inside another game is mind-blowing.

Another way the game could be getting popular from, is people spending time inside. There is no better thing to do than to play videogames during this time, Carson Phelps (‘24) explains their view.

“It might be getting more popular because of the pandemic and how people are trapped inside. Since it’s “new” everyone wants to play it,” Phelps (‘24) said.

Sometimes games just need a kickstart in order to get popular, and this is what this game has done.

With ‘Among Us’ getting very popular recently, there should be other games that are also competing with it. Whether it be its cartoony style or gameplay. 

“Simplicity. With you being able to get what you are doing easily with it’s cartoony artstyle and interesting way to play it gives it an edge so more people can pick it up and play. After a while it just clicks with you and now it makes you want to master it,“ Kamish (‘23) said.

The gameplay brings out a pop art and cartoony looks, which is why it is getting all ages playing it.

With two very similar cartoony art styles, but very different gameplay. ‘Fall Guys’ and ‘Among Us’ have been both the uprising games within quarantine. Both games are played differently, but which is better?

“‘Among Us’ I think is better because it’s a much more beginner friendly game. It has private multiplayer lobbies which is a big problem in ‘Fall Guys’ with its abundance of hackers. ‘Among Us’ is also a lot easier to play, being more focused on brain plays than skill plays,” A’Shawn Hughley (‘24) said.

Hackers are a big deal within new uprising games because they see a game getting popular and take the chance to ruin the game.

“I enjoy watching both on YouTube, but I would choose ‘Among Us’ because you can invite your friends to play and use teamwork. ‘Fall Guys’ can be played with your friends too, but ‘Among Us’ looks more fun,” Annalise Caul (‘23) said.

If you look at gameplays for both ‘Among Us’ and ‘Fall Guys’, you can invite up to nine people in a private lobby for ‘Among Us’, but for ‘Fall Guys’ you can only invite up to three. 

On August 18, 2020, the developer had revealed that they have begun working on a second ‘Among Us 2’. With this great exciting news, who knows how much more popular the game will become.