Leaving for The Greater Good?

 Dance Moms will be changed without Abby’s presence.

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Dance Moms will be changed without Abby’s presence.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

On Monday, May 4, Abby Miller confirmed that she is in fact leaving Dance Moms and Lifetime, due to the recent outbreak. She was with Dance Moms for nine years.

“Nine years ago, we were in AZ filming Dance Moms. Satan stuck a pen in my hand insisting that I sign a contract,” Miller wrote on Instagram.

There are different views on this as to students caring about it and not caring.

“I was surprised because she has been coaching for a very long time,” Allyson Landes (‘23) said.

With Abby leaving, this sure had to impact the dancers in this season for Dance Moms.

“The dancers will be less stressed because Abby was a mess. Maybe they can get some better leadership now,” Emma Robertson (‘22) said.

“I have no idea I think it will be sad for a long time and then people will get over it. “ Isabelle Kuykendall (‘23) said.

“Well how are they going to have Dance Moms without Abby? Who’s gonna teach the pubescent girls how to dance? Gia? I don’t think so,” Kaitlyn Sikes (‘21) said.

This must be a big impact toward Lifetime, with hearing the news of Abby Miller leaving Dance Moms.

“Lifetime might see a decrease in viewership, but they’ll probably just find someone else to host the show or the studio. Other dancers who had to go to those Dance Moms competitions will probably be happier because they’ll see slightly less toxicity backstage and during the awards. As for Lifetime’s viewership, I don’t know of anyone who watches that channel on purpose that doesn’t day-drink with glasses of wine.” Jonathan Blasingame (‘21) said.

“The show will most likely end, Abby was the core of that show.” Mikaela Hammond (‘20) said.

It was going to eventually happen, nobody thought it would happen during this global pandemic. Will Dance Moms find an even better teacher or will the show shut down as well?