The Doltish Incident


Louder with Crowder

A jaguar looks into the distance waiting for his prey.

Lauren Johnson, Contributor

There are humans out there who label themselves as ‘dumb’, others would disagree, but can it be true? It was reported on March 9, a woman at Wildlife World Zoo was wanting an up-close picture of a jaguar and decided it would be a good idea to climb the fence into the jaguar exhibit. However, it was not.

She was then attacked by the jaguar. There is no way to say this is the jaguar’s fault; it is 100 percent the woman’s fault.  Even people who commented on it are agreeing that it is her fault. She put herself in that situation and should have expected that the jaguar would attack her.

People can really be dumb. In her situation, she is basically just meat hanging from a hook, getting ready to be released into the jaguar’s exhibit. She does not even realize she put the beautiful jaguar in danger by having a chance in it being put down.

What surprises most people is that she thought she did not violated the rules, but it clearly says DO NOT go into the animals’ exhibit. Why would someone even think about going into an animals exhibit? It is just suicide.

Thankfully, the woman apologized to officials from the zoo. I know what you are all thinking; what is going to happen to the jaguar? The zoo stated that. “We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar. She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe–not a wild animal’s fault when barriers are crossed.”

It is just plain common sense, in this case the woman in her 30’s did not use her’s and it cost her multiple injuries. Only the strongest can survive, it is just survival of the fittest.