A Forgotten Game



Students look forward to a new game releasing very soon.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

With schools being shut down and nothing to do, some students are probably wondering what new games are coming out? On June 10, 2018, HALO released its game trailer for its new XBOX game ‘Halo Infinite’. In 2020, they are planning to release the game.

HALO has always been a classic game, many have heard of the game, but have they actually played it? 

“Yes, I played HALO reach and 3. I loved the gameplay and the easily creatable maps,” Joshua Thurman (‘23) said.

Many students have different views on what the expectations are for the new game. Some students’ expectations are lower than others.

“Very Low as the entire world is panicking and everyone who wants it will get it and play it immediately,” Travis Wimberely (‘22) said. 

A majority of the students have heard of the game HALO, precisely, more than half have heard about it.  

 “Considering how I personally played during HALO reach and HALO 3, I think they peaked around there and they have slumped with HALO 4 and 5. But, I’m hoping that it will be a great game.” Joshua Thurman (‘23) said.

Everyone played games when they were a kid, even back then. That is why mostly everyone has heard of HALO.

“I played Halo Reach as a kid. I liked the sci-fi theme of it, but I couldn’t aim at the time and thought it was too hard,” Nicholas Swaringam (‘21) said.

HALO has always been an XBOX game, it never went to Play Station Four or PC. It has been said that the game will transfer to PC. Many students are probably looking forward to it going into PC gaming.

“I’ve played all the games and the only thing I don’t like is that they’re not all on pc yet but will slowly release onto pc as remakes,” Grayden Redden (‘23) said. 

Students are probably looking forward to more games coming out considering what is happening with the world right now.