Time to Shine


Lisa Johnson

This is the bands first concert since 2019, which leaves the crowd in excitement.

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor

It is the reunion of feeling nostalgic, with those closest to you. Right where it began, with those you call a family. They pick up their instruments and rejoice in what is now brought back to them.

Band is an artform in which many look upon as a way to express their creativity through music. Friday, May 14, 2021, is the day band members get their concert back, due to COVID-19 diminishing their chances of originally planned concerts.

“I am so excited, I know we have all been looking forward to having a concert, and now we have our chance,” Isabelle Kallbrier (‘24) said. “I think we are going to do absolutely wonderful, despite everything that got in our way of rehearsals.”

Although the band has had interruptions in the past, they still overcome the problems with solutions.

Band has had multiple issues in the past, one time, mass amounts of snow cancelled a concert. As COVID-19 is still around, astonishingly enough, the band is still able to get the chance to do a concert. 

“A lot of people do not see how hard the band kids work, but we put hours in to practice for these few, and far between concerts,” Bridget Rose (‘23) said. “These types of concerts are what makes our hard work pay off; this is why band is worth it.” 

Occasionally if part of a section is struggling on a part of the music, the band directors set before/after school sectionals to provide assistance. 

The band consists of two groups, concert and symphonic. The concert band will be playing four songs, which are Cave You Fear, Earthdance, The Mandalorian, and Variations on “A Mighty Fortress”. Symphonic band will be playing five songs, which are Abram’s Pursuit, Benediction, Cajun Folk Songs, “Cyrus the Great” March, and The Stars and Stripes Forever.


“It has been so long since we’ve been able to perform in front of an audience besides this marching season,” Adison Mosher (‘22) said. “The concert will be a great way to show how hard the band works and a way to recognize our seniors as well at the concert.” 

Every spring concert, the band takes a moment after all the songs have been played to recognize seniors, as well as giving out awards.

Although band is a year-long class, many still continue to take band based upon strong relationships they have made with other band members. New and stronger relationships are made during fall season, due to the amount of time each section spends with each other. 

“The people you meet, the memories you make, and the skills you learn are something that stay with you for a lifetime,” Zachariah Watkins (‘24) said.

There have been incidents where previous graduates have come back to see new and familiar faces, as well as the band directors. 

The band directors, Mr. Cunningham and Mr. England, have been with all band members for at least five years. The band directors help bring positive energy to those who might be struggling on a part. 

“I love my friends and the instruments I play,” Sydney Cowan (‘22) said. “Mr Cunningham and Mr. England also are amazing teachers who really care about each and every one of us, they are always pushing us to be the best musicians we can be.” 

Band members continue to push each other and encourage each other to do better on their instruments.

Those in band know that those around them are one big family that all share the same amount of passion toward playing music. Even when graduating, seniors will look upon the band members and know that this journey of memories will remain with them forever.