Another Game, Another Excuse


Lauren Johnson, Contributor

“You’re the jumpmaster, ready up.” What is Apex Legends? Apex Legends is a free-to play battle royale game, that was released two months ago on February 4. The game consists of 20 squads or 60 players (three players on each squad) and was developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends has gained massive popularity since day one. The game consists of nine legends. All of which have different abilities, ultimates, and skins. Speaking of skins, Apex Legends has an in-game store which costs actual money or in-game currency.

If you enjoy playing a video game, chances are you will use your money to buy in-game currency. Parents will most likely say not to use your money on a video game and use it for something useful in life.

When a game releases during the school year, teachers may notice a slight change in their students. Bailey Lammers (19’) said, “Some, maybe some people make bad choices and play all night, or maybe it’s a good thing and people play for just a few hours with friends like me.”

Believe it or not, most high schoolers love videogames as a passion. Nicolas Swaringam (21’) said, “I think that video games can cause people to find common interests. Even if it’s not the most intellectual of things, having an activity to do with others can really bring you closer.”

There are tons of battle royale games out there and Apex Legends has a similar look to other video games out there, like Overwatch and Titanfall.  

What do video games have to do with high schoolers? When you arrive home and have no homework you want a way to relieve your stress, video games then come to the rescue. Michael Lutes (19’) said, “Most people who play video games that I know are still getting other things and work done.”

Video games are fun to play, but sometimes you lose track of time. This is a great example of not getting your homework done. Travis Wimberley (22’) said, “Videogames are definitely affecting students, because lots of students will procrastinate homework to play games, myself included.”

There is always that talk saying “this game will kill that game”. Most people thought that Apex Legends would be the killer to the Fortnite. However both games still have popularity.

Most students here at Holt say they either found the game from their friends or on the internet. However, there are others who do not care for video games. Whatever it is, students here at Holt know what they enjoy and they do it everyday.