RPS Shoot!



Rock, paper, scissors is a game played worldwide by many.

Lauren Johnson, Writer

On Sunday, April 25, 2020, MrBeast did a livestream event, which was rock, paper, scissors. In the event, 32 YouTubers competed for a grand prize of $250,000 to a charity of their choice.

Sometimes students have a go-to plan for rock paper scissors, some change depending on who they are facing, and others just do random.

“It changes depending on who I go against, against guys I tend to pick paper and girls I tend to pick rock,” Alexis Mette (‘21) said.

“I start with paper against males and scissors against females, however I swiftly try to figure out what my opponent’s strategy is, typically it is playing to what I last did or playing what I did last. I Play RPS with passion though so many are afraid to play against me,” Travis Wimberley (‘22) said.

“I usually go with whatever one pops into my head first. I pick at random,” Bria Jefferson (‘22) said.

Nobody really thinks of rock, paper, scissors being a way to get money. However, MrBeast thought of it and it came together really well.

“I think that’s a very creative way to get money. Who thinks of playing rock, paper, scissors for money?” Taylor Strode (‘23) said.

“Since it was for a charity, I think it was cool, but if it was for people to get money for themselves, I think it would be a little strange,” Bria Jefferson (‘22) said.

Within the 32 YouTubers, Jack Black was also a part of the competition. However, there were also popular YouTubers who competed, such as David Dobrik, Ninja, Pokimane and more.

“It was an easy excuse to get youtubers to do something for a charity livestream, it didn’t matter what the game was, it was for the right reasons, RPS is just an easy game to play,” Travis Wimberley (‘22) said.

With rock, paper, scissors being played worldwide, nobody would have really thought of playing rock, paper, scissors for money.