Top of the Pyramid


One of the highlights of home football games at Holt is the halftime show. Seeing the band, dance team and cheer team showing off their amazing skills all within twenty minutes is a real spectacle to see, especially the cheer team’s iconic stunts and pyramid.

The cheer team has 26 members on the team. All 26 of them take total control of the field with flips and spectacular stunts. Even off the field they make sure to keep the crowd hyped with chants!
“Do you love your Indians is always a fan favorite. I remember doing this as a cheerleader back in high school. It cool to see how much cheerleaders have evolved at the high school level from when I attended here” Coach Lauren Beck said about the best chants that cheer does.

What can always make or break an amazing team is the coach. The cheer team is lucky enough to have Coach Beck, who is so involved in her team and puts in her whole heart and soul into her girls. “I was a cheerleader all 4 years in high school at the high school. I also have 14 years experience coaching competitive gymnastics and a few years coaching all star cheerleading as well. Coaching Has been my passion since I was about 14,” Coach Beck said.