German Club, German NHS and The Seal of Biliteracy: Appreciating, Learning and Preparing

German Club, sponsored and run by Sunny Ray Serna, offers German students the opportunity to extend their language skills in a fun, supportive environment.

 From tissue paper flowers and lanterns to hiking, German Club provides a unique opportunity to participate in German traditions and school based activities.

German Club always has German treats (chocolate, cookies, Gummibärchen, etc),” Serna said. “Students plan the meetings around a cultural theme and there may be a small Slide Show presentation, YouTube video or explanation and then some type of game or craft that follows the theme.”

By allowing students to decide upon and run the meetings, there is an element of independence that gives students valuable leadership skills.

Holt also offers a German NHS which supports the academic achievements of German students. German NHS also allows the opportunity for German students to help other German students in their studies.

I do plan to pursue German and I’m going into international business and hope to study and or work in a German speaking country as well as still taking German classes,” German president Randi Carney (‘23) said.

Those taking German and involved in the club are looking to pursue careers in Germany or German speaking countries.

I plan to take German in college and then go on to become an au pair in Germany,” German club member and NHS participant Ava Doering (‘23) said. 

Some involved in German NHS are also taking the Seal of Biliteracy and German NHS helps students prepare for the exam to their fullest.

“The students who are actively engaged in class each day, reflect on their learning and seek understanding, not just a grade and push themselves out of their comfort zones, willing to make mistakes and learn from them, have the most success,” Serna said.

Providing a learning environment where students feel comfortable with making mistakes promotes growth and allows them to feel more secure in their abilities.

“I am planning on taking the Seal of Biliteracy, frankly I’m terrified, but Frau [Serna] has prepared me quite well and I feel confident in my abilities to pass,” Carney said.