Book It To the Library!


Quinn Kelly

Students can come to the library anytime for a book or a quiet place.

This year, the library is hosting many events, including Battle ofthe Books and Reading Club! Anyone is welcome to join, avid reader or not!

Each year, Reading Club chooses a theme for the books they decide to read, and this
year’s theme is ‘Chips’. Every month, the librarians choose a chip and a type of book to read that month. For example; the August chip, Cheez-its, is called “Not Matured”. You are given time to read the book and then at the next meeting, you have the opportunity to share about the book that you read.

A prospective member of the Holt Reading Club, Sierra Romanski (‘21) wants to join this year. “Reading is something that I’ve always enjoyed… It’s relaxing and I don’t do enough of it, so I think that joining Reading Club would add more time in my schedule to be able to read,” Romanski said.

Another tradition is the Battle of the Books. Every year, Holt, Liberty, and Timberland choose the five best readers from their Reading Clubs to participate in a trivia game related to that year’s Gateway Nominees. Each participant has to read the year’s Gateway Nominees and study them in order to participate.

Romanski also commented on Battle of the Books. “I think [Battle of the Books] would be fun, but I crumble under pressure so it might not be the thing for me, but I think other people would enjoy it, so I would recommend it to them,” Romanski said.

Reading Club and Battle of the Books is a perfect opportunity to get started reading,
improving reading skills, or just getting involved at Holt. Reading Club’s first meeting is being held on August 29th, so if reading is on your mind, don’t hesitate to join!

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