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Emily Teismann, Copy Editor

     As you know, boredom tends to set in very quickly when confined to one place for an extended period of time, right? Well, I have a remedy. Over the course of the last few weeks, my mom and I have been watching a few shows on Netflix. They made such an impact on me that I would like to introduce you to them. 

     Self Made

     Self Made is a Netflix docuseries about Madam C.J. Walker (Octavia Spencer) and her empowering journey that led her to become the first African American self-made billionaire. Throughout the show, you truly become engrossed in her story and all the challenges she faces, even if they are simply for her to be heard. It is truly amazing and you find yourself cheering for her the entire way (which I did vocally a lot of the time). Check out the trailer here.

     Tiger King

     You’ve all heard about it by now, I’m sure. Tiger King has become quite the talk of society, being all over the news and such. I personally didn’t watch it (deeming it “too chaotic” for my tastes), but my mom did. “It’s like the train wreck you know you should look away from, but you can’t” is how she described it to me when I asked what had her so enthralled as to sit down and watch it in the middle of the day, something my mom almost never does as she is always busy. Tiger King is a docuseries following the chaotic story of Joe Exotic and his zoo of big cats. Check out the trailer of “murder, mayhem and madness” here.

     Next In Fashion

     Want to feel inspired to create? Over the course of 10 episodes, Next In Fashion takes 18 designers and tests their abilities to see if they are truly the ‘next in fashion’. The winner receives $250,000 with the opportunity to debut their collection with the fashion retailer Net-a-Porter (which if you didn’t know, is HUGE for a designer). This show is brimming with positive energy and creative support as well as growth. Check out the trailer here.

     Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat

     If you love food like I do, this is the show for you. Chef and food writer Samin Nosrat delves into the four things that can “make or break a dish” in her 4 episode series; Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat. This is the kind of show that makes you hungry, but strangely satisfied and maybe a little enlightened. It also has a worldly, natural feel to it, which in part is due to the host herself, who is by no means a Giada (or in other words, a rail thin woman that cooks food on TV and eats the tiniest bite of something). This show is truly unique and mouthwatering. Check out the trailer here.

     The English Game

     This show. Oh my. I loved this show. Loved it. This is the type of show that makes you love its characters and feel like you truly get to know them in such a short span of time. The English Game tells the story of the beginnings of soccer (or as its known in every other part of the world, football). Like Self Made, The English Game is the story of the underdog, which in this case is the working class. It is also the story of growth and understanding among the characters, which is so beautiful and utterly satisfying to watch. I didn’t have as much appreciation for football (soccer) as I do after watching this show. Check out the trailer here.

     I highly recommend each of these shows. However, whether you watch all of these, one of them, or none of them, is entirely up to you. I hope this article helps you in some way, be it for its intended purpose or merely something for you to read to pass the time. Stay safe and healthy, Holt.