Murder Hornet

Report of a 'Murder Wasp' in Washington State now pose a threat to the country.

Report of a ‘Murder Wasp’ in Washington State now pose a threat to the country.

Nick Sauers, Writer

Covid-19 has caused a big danger to us during this time. It seems to be the number one topic right now. Everybody is talking about the danger it could potentially cause.

However, while Covid-19 is the big danger that everyone is hearing about, there could be another danger in the United States. This potential hazard lies in the animal kingdom and is none other than, than a wasp.

The ‘Murder Hornet’, also known as Asian Giant Hornets, have recently been sighted in Washington State. This is the first time these creatures have been spotted in the United States. They are described as orange and yellow with a black thorax and wings and black stripes on the abdomen. These creatures can also get up to two inches long. That is about twice the size of the normal Yellow Jacket or Dauber. The Asian Giant Hornet is one of the biggest wasps in the world.

But what should we be worried about? The enormous stinger on this wasp injects lethal venom into the victim when it stings. It is said to feel like a burning nail jabbing into you. According to, “An average of 30 to 50 people each year die from the hornet’s stings.” This hornet could possibly be the most deadly in the world. You would not want this insect landing near you. 

But how do we know this sighting is legitimate? The real answer is: we do not. According to, large Japanese hornets have been reported over the years. However, these sightings were likely European Hornets, which is a similar species in size and appearance, but not quite as deadly. 

Even if these hornets are not the feared Asian hornets, it still could be a potential threat. Entomologists are working to try to stop the spread of these hornets and find out why they came here in the first place. Not much information is known at this time about the population of these hornets in the US, since there have only been two confirmed sightings thus far. Hopefully scientists will be able to contain these deadly creatures to stop them from making a permanent home in our country.

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