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[Video] Masks for Donations

Nick Sauers, Videographer
April 13, 2021
Youtube has become one of the most widely used platforms on the internet today. But there may be some things you do not know about Youtubes censorship.

You Tube Censorship

Nick Sauers, Writer
July 24, 2020
Report of a Murder Wasp in Washington State now pose a threat to the country.

Murder Hornet

Nick Sauers, Writer
May 8, 2020
Some teachers keep their doors open, some keep them cracked, and others keep them shut.

Open, Closed or Cracked?

Nick Sauers, Writer
February 26, 2020
Students catch up on much needed sleep before school starts.

Sunrise School Start Snag

Nick Sauers, Contributor
October 4, 2019
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