Wentzville School District Changes its Policy After Student is Left On The Side of the Road


Just last month, a student at Frontier Middle School was left on the side of the road with a broken leg after falling out of the school bus. As you would expect, this event upset many Wentzville parents.

On the way home from school, a girl got off the bus to get back home, but tripped on the way down the steps. When she fell down, she broke her leg, and after confirming with the girl’s parent, the driver of the bus continued their route, and left her there.

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According to some of the students, she was screaming in pain after the fall, and that she was left there for over ten minutes before her parents got there.

The girl’s parents have confirmed that after she fell, dispatch got into contact with them to let them know what had happened. They confirmed that it was okay for the bus to leave, as she was only a few minutes from her home. Of course, they could not have known at the time that her leg was broken.

To prevent incidents like this one, bus drivers now must wait for an adult to arrive before they are permitted to continue their route. That way there will hopefully never be a situation like this in the district again.

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