WTW with V2?


It’s been two years and people are still mourning the death of Vine. Shortly after Vine was shut down, there were rumors of a second vine coming out. So are they true? Well, I am happy to tell you that they are!

Former co founder of Vine, Dom Hoffman, confirmed that he will be launching a new app similar to Vine called “V2”. He has already begun to work on it, and is actively reaching out to former Vine Stars’ manager’s to try to start making connections and getting feedback.

Hoffman is going to try to make the app as similar as possible without getting sued. He actually asked that it be called “V2” rather than “Vine Two” in order to avoid legal altercations.

So when will this app be launched? Well it might be a while, “I run another startup which is essentially my ‘day job’, so I’m pretty fulfilled on that front. v2 is being built out of love and I’d like for both the service and my involvement with it to live on for a long time,” says Hoffman. So the launch might not have a specific date, but there is comfort in knowing that there will in fact be a V2.